Are you in compliance with all environmental regulations?

CORE can help assure that everything is operating within the standards and guidelines of state and federal regulatory agencies, such as EPA, OSHA, DOT, USCG, PADEP, Ohio EPA, WVDEP, local POTWs by performing on-site facility inspections and compliance audits, as well as property assessments.

We can identify problem areas so that you can address potential issues BEFORE they result in fines or notice of violations.

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On-Site Compliance Services

  • Hazardous and residual waste management, permitting, and file upkeep.
  • Waste treatment applicability.
  • Air permit compliance and record keeping.
  • Storage tank inspections.
  • Discharge permit inspections.
  • Engineering services.
  • Discharge Emission and Monitoring Reports (EPCRA, EPA TRI, Air, Waste)
  • Pre-Federal, State and Local agency compliance inspections
  • On-Scene representation during inspections
  • Preparedness and Contingency Plans
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Training Services
  • Environmental Compliance Audits

Emergency Planning and Response

  • Oil response including Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan development and training.
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) development and training.
  • Pennsylvania DEP Plan requirements including Preparedness, Prevention, and Contingency (PPC)  development and training.
  • Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP) inclusive of environmental, and health and safety plan requirements.
  • Spill Response Plan (SPR) for large aboveground storage tank (AST) facilities.

Reporting and Permitting

  • Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) reporting including Tier 2 and Form R.
  • Annual stormwater permitting, inspections, sampling, and reporting.
  • Waste sampling and profiling.
  • Pennsylvania DEP waste reporting including Biennial Hazardous and Residual Waste Reports, Form 25R, and Form 26R.
  • Annual air emission statements and  air permit preparation, compliance monitoring, and reporting.
  • Discharge and pre-treatment system monitoring, sampling, and reporting.
  • Underground and aboveground storage tank permitting.
  • Chemical inventory management.

Construction Services

CORE works with many construction contractors on various state and federal construction projects including PennDOT, Army Corps, PA Turnpike & related projects to assist in managing your environmental services needs, including:

  • Hazardous & Residual Waste Management
  • On-Site Health & Safety Officer
  • Soil Classification, Fill Determination, & Waste Characterization Analysis
  • Asbestos & Lead Pain Surveys/Management Plans
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Waste Management Plan Development
  • Site Specific Work Plans
  • Site Specific Spill Contingency Plan Development
  • Transportation & Disposal of Fill Materials/Wastes
  • UST Assessment, Removal, & Remediation