New PAG-03 General Stormwater Permit

This reissued PAG-03 General Permit became effective on March 24, 2023 and required existing permittees (excluding those covered under a No Exposure Certification) to submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) form to the PADEP by March 23, 2023.  This newly issued NOI form is similar to the prior version other than it requires a summary of the last two years of stormwater sampling data for existing outfalls for those that are sampled, as well as a Structural Best Management Practices (BMP) summary specific to the industrial activities covered under the specific permit Appendix that you fall under.  The new NOI also requires additional sampling and analysis for impaired streams for those constituents causing the impairment.

The new permit will involve sampling for additional parameters for all facilities (excluding No Exposure Certification covered facilities) beginning with the second half of 2023.  All dischargers will need to do total nitrogen and total phosphorus, in addition to any Sector Specific parameters listed in the new permit.

CORE has already helped numerous clients submit NOI forms to DEP for this new permit. Feel free to contact us for help with submitting your updated forms or collecting stormwater samples at your facility.

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